If you have lost or found a pet you can call us at 417-256-1025 or email news@ozarkradionetwork.com

You can also call West Plains Animal Control at 417-255-1860.  If you have LOST your pet, please check here: http://www.westplainspolice.com/animal_control.html as well.


Found: Male black & brown min-pin wearing a black collar. Is groomed and has been very well cared for. 4 miles West of West Plains on CC Hwy. Please call 417-256-6984 (7/30)

Found: Female black and tan beagle mix puppy.  About 4-5 months old. call 417-257-3841. (7/29)

Found: Female Peek a Poo Black and White wearing a pink collar. Found on Thayer Ave. in West Plains please call 274-8185. (7-28)

Found:  Black & Tan beagle Daschund mix.   Red or orange collar.  Found 10 miles out K hwy.  274-6549.  (7-25)

Found: Male Blue Healer wearing 2 collars found near Hwy 137 in Willow Spgs. Call 417-469-2522 (7-24)

Found: A Goat on CORD 210 North of WP. Call 417-293-7522

FOUND: Small female black and white dog. Has pointy ears and looks like she may have some border collie in her. Has been very taken care of. No collar or tags. Found on CR 8800 in WP. Please call 417-293-0366. (7/18)

Found: Female Pit Bull mix, Brindle color, no collar, she looks very poor ribs showing. Found at CORD 7190 & 6420 in Pottersville. Call 257-1728 (7-17)

FOUND: female, brown cattle dog with 1 white foot, wearing a heavy leather collar but no tags, very friendly and VERY VERY skinny.  found Monday, north of Montier near Birch Tree.  573-308-7257 (7/17)

Found: Young Female French Bulldog found in the Lanton area, no collar she looks to be 1 or 2yrs old. Please call 256-3900 (7-16)

Found:  12 wk. old black & grey tabby female kitten.  Found on CR1350 in Pomona.  256-4844.  (7-11)

Found:   Sheppard & Retriever puppy around 6mos old. Call 417-261-2262 (7-7)

Found: Black lab w/ collar and rabies tag from Langley Animal Clinic. Found a mile north of Brandsville. 417-293-5523. (7/6)

Found: Small black dog with white chest has a faded yellow collar, no tags. Found June 20 on County Road 1990, Willow Springs. Very friendly, has been taken care of. Gets along with cats, chickens, horses and other dogs. Call 417-247-1683, if no answer please leave a message and I’ll call you back. (7/4)

Found: Female hound dog in Birch Tree. Arrived at home on Wednesday July 2. Possibly mixed with blue tick hound, w/ white spot on top of her head. silverowl65@gmail.com or phone 573-292-1707. (7/2)

Found: Male Rat Terrier Brown & White wearing a collar with # to Willow Springs Vet….found by OMC last week. Call 417-270-1814 (7-1)

Found: Male Pit Bull found between Hwy. 63 & 17 on N Hwy in Pomona, wearing a silver chain collar, gentle and good with kids and other animals. Call 256-8490 0r 443-812-2481. (7-1)

Found: Female Long haired black lab or possible sheep dog, gray around the muzzle, white patch on her chest. Tumor or growth on her hind knee, found June 28 on P Hwy near Highway 63 in Pomona. No collar. Email shyjack714@gmail.com.



Found 2 dogs: Female French Bulldog & Female Pug both look well taken care of…no collar’s, Found on Hwy 60 between Hutton Valley and Willow Spgs. Call 417-255-4868 (6-30)


FOUND: Male white Pomeranian/Tarrier mix with no collar or tags. Very friendly. Found in Arrowhead down JJ Hwy. Please call 417-293-2951 (6-18)

FOUND: Female Brown & White female Pitt wearing a blue collar 8 miles down Hwy S 17 in West Plains. Please call 417-256-3510 or 274-1938. (6-18)

Found: Female red and black mix dog with a white patch on her chest. Friendly. No collar. Loves swimming and diving for rocks and sticks. Found on June 17 at 6 PM at Hammonds Camp in the North Fork Rec area on CC Highway. Contact James at 417-505-0546.

Female Black Kitten, found on BB HWY in WP by the Golf Course. Call 293-7242 (6-17)

FOUND down BB Hwy past Buck Park, West Plain:   3 male pups, they look like they are probably 10 – 12 weeks old,  possibly lab mix, 2 black, 1 brown.  They are either lost or they have been dumped off.  phone 256-6619 (6/13)

FOUND: A female dog red/brown in color with a white face, belly, and tip of tail. Maybe has some pit in her. No collar or tags but has been taken care of and is very friendly. Found on NN Hwy between Willow Springs and Mtn. View. 417-252-7898 (6/12)

found 5 miles West of West Plains on CC hwy.   2 young hound mix pups 3-4 months old.  one male  one female neither one has a collar.  256-2812  (6/10)

Found: 1yr old Female Chocolate Pit Bull, no collar…found near CC & AD Hwy’s 10miles outside of WP. Call 293-6941 (6-10)

FOUND: Young white male dog with black on his tail. He looks like he has beagle in him. No collar or tags. Found on East Main & College St. in West Plains. Please call 256-9682. (6-6)

Found: Male, White Boxer wearing a Green Collar found on Hwy 160 East by TJ’s Hickory House. Call 831-251-5747 (6-5)



Lost:  Male Lt. Brown & Black Yorkie with collar.  “Cooper”  Lost on Locust & Maple in West Plains.  256-0078.  (7-31)  FOUND

Lost:  Male black & white Siberian Husky w/ brown eyes.  Has collar with cable hanging, no tags.    Lost out K hwy 2.5 mile from West Plains.  REWARD.  293-8022.  (7-28)


Lost: Yorkie lost this past Saturday from the Kaywood  area of West Plains. Reward offered. For more info call 417-257-9304.

Lost: Male black/white cat named Chiquito. Lost in the 1000 block of Webster Street in West Plains. Call 417-505-0711. (7/28)

Lost: Black and tan female dachshund. Lost near Howell Valley Road on County Road 8240. 417-256-3875. (7/19)

Lost: Female Yorkie missing from The Senior Housing/6th Street area of Willow Springs. Call 417-469-4069 (7/13)

LOST: Male black lab named Chip wearing a camo collar with a pet friendly shock collar. Last seen in S. 17 in Mt. View MO. There is a reward offered. Please call 417-247-0184. (7/9)

Lost:  2 year old Black male Great Dane.   He was in the back of the truck that was recently hit by a train, and he has gone missing…may be injured.  Named ‘Boy’  Possibly has collar.  Lost past 14 HWY at the Railroad tracks.  255-5998 (7-8)

10 year old, Male Dog dark Red and White with a White Chest, Brown collar with chain dragging behind. Lost around Mega Motor Sports 160 N & Jct 14.  Lost on evening of July 3rd. Call 274-1596 (7-7)

Lost: gray, male cat w/ white paws. Wearing a blue collar. Last seen in the Cabool area. 417-254-0287. (7/6)

Lost: Black and white peppered female Boston Terrier. No collar. Lost off of Ginger Drive in WP. Friendly. 417-256-5135. (7/6)

LOST:  2 dogs got out of a fenced in back yard..Yellow Lab female named ‘Zoe”, red collar.  And Black Dacshund male named “Zeke”, blue collar.  Lost 1.5 miles out 17 HWY from West Plains.  293-9191.  (7-4)

Lost: Lost: 1 year old white Great Pyrenees last seen near McDonald’s in Willow Springs. No collar, Missing since 7/2 Name: Sully or Sully Bear If found call 417-252-0701 or 417-469-.(7/4)



Lost: Female Maine Coon Cat. 2 years old. Light Gray/Tabby striped. Lost on JJ HWY near Ridgeview Estates Subdivision (Private Road 7201) Her name is Zoey. She is friendly but shy: may be standoffish. If seen or if she has came to your home, please call cell phone number 989-712-0476. (7/2)

Lost: 10yr old Male Red Blood Hound wearing a black collar, lost in the Willow Springs area around CORD 5050 a Reward is offered. Call 417-252-0349 (6-28)

Lost: 6 year old Male Pitt Bull, tan & white wearing a collar with a tag. Name: Bradle, lost on Hwy 17 & EE has been missing 5 days. Call 417-293-2976 or 252-0142. (6/26)

Lost:  Female Yorkie light & dark brown.  Lost 919 Walker St. in WP.  Named:  Baby Lulu.  274-7362.  (6-25)

Lost:  3 Great Pyrneese missing – 1 Male – 2 Female all are wearing collars with name tags. Lost 1 mile north of WP by the Fairgrounds….they have been missing since Fri. the 20th. Call 274-7966 (6-25)

LOST: Male long haired black cat. No collar or tags. Escaped crate as owner was leaving West Plains Vet on West 160 Tuesday. Please call 417-257-7410 (6/25)

Lost: Male Pit/Mastiff mix, white with brown spots. Missing since Sat., June 21. Very friendly. Missing from the V Highway area of Trask. If found or you have information please call 417-362-9633. (6/23)

LOST: Small Husky short dog mix with a white face and stands about knee tall wearing a choke collar. Last seen on Creamery Rd behind Air Evac on Tuesday June 10th. Please call 417-293-4566. (6/18)

yorkieLost: Female Yorkie. Lost near Koshkonong. 417-280-6050. (6/17)




LOST: Red male Boston Terrier with a white patch with a red spot on his head. No collar or tags, last seen on CR 2010 in West Plains close to Dake Storage. Please call 417-293-2484 (6/17)

Lost: Ranger, a Yellow Lab last seen in mid-to-late-May in Sunshine Village in Willow Springs. If you’ve seen Ranger please call 417-469-3493. (6/5)




Lost: Male, intact black and white full blooded Siberian Husky named Bowe. Lost off of AB highway. 417-505-0210. (6/5)

LOST: Female, 8 month old dachshund puppy, red with a red collar. Lost down Howell county road 8970.  417-841-7103 (06/05)

Lost: 3-year-old boxer named Junior. Tan/caramel color, with a white chest and white under neck; black nose and stubby tail. 3 toes on his back left paw. He loves children and is very playful. Lost last week, last seen around West Plains Walmart. 417-372-5754 or 417-372-5470. (6/3)