If you have lost or found a pet you can call us at 417-256-1025 or email news@ozarkradionetwork.com

You can also call West Plains Animal Control at 417-255-1860.  If you have LOST your pet, please check here: http://www.westplainspolice.com/animal_control.html as well.


Found: Small Female Off White with Black tipped ears & Black face, very friendly, no collar built like a Pekingese. Found on Cole St. in WP. Call 417-274-1181 (4-17)

Found: Very pregnant medium mix female. She is black, white and brown. Found in the Mountain View area by the Mountain View Public Library. Call 417-362-9232. (4/16)

Found: Black and Tan Male Dachshund. Please call 417-372-0588 or 417-293-0046. (4-14)

Found in the Willow Springs/Burnham area Sunday, April 6. Young female red coon hound dog. No collar. No microchip. Call 417-469-4634. (4/8)

Found: multi-colored white/black/reddish brown Lhasa Apso male. Found off County Road 8530 West Plains. 417-204-2139. (7/8)

Found: Female yellow lab found off of Highway 17 in Summersville. Has brown leather collar, no tags. Well trained and mannered. Call 417-247-7944. (4/7)

Found:  Male blue healer with bobbed tail, orange collar & no tags.  White spot on his pupil.  Found near Camp, several miles from Lanton.  870-895-3352.  (3-31)

Found:  German Shepherd mix, male with red collar and black leash, found in Willow Springs, taken to the Willow Springs Animal Clinic.  (3-28)

Found:  Brown & white male miniature chi hua hua.  Black collar with paw prints.  Found in parking lot of social services on Division Dr. in WP.  372-1988.  (3-27)

Found: Older male Austrailian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler type dog. Found in Thayer March 17 by McDonalds. Wearing collar/no tags. Acted lost and confused when found. Please call or text to claim: 417-274-3711



FOUND South of the square in West Plains near the water tower: male BEAGLE looking dog, no collar, 257-0898 (3/17)

Small white female poodle not wearing a collar found at the Air Evac Membership office next to Dairy Queen. Call 417-255-5879 (3-14)

Female Yorkie, Black-Silver-Tan wearing a chain collar found on Utah St. in WP. Call 417-372-1866

Found in the Rover area Monday: young female beagle. orange collar but no tags, she is very hungry. 417-293-5706 (3/10)


Found: Black cat found at house behind West Plains Country Club. Cat is friendly and appears to be someone’s pet. We believe it is male. He has amber eyes and has a fluffy, medium-length coat. Please call 274-6124. (3/9)


FOUND on Utah street in West Plains:  Small dog, male, approx 10 weeks old, white with brown spots  taken to the West Plains pound  255-1860 (2-28)


Female Dog White with Brown spots – Nails painted purple – Found in Westwood Estates. Call 417-256-7804  (2-23) came to the house and will not leave:  Male. Looks like a Jack Russell Terrier.  White with black spots around his eyes.Wearing a black collar.  Found between South Fork and Caulfield on Howell county road 7070                                   274-0110 (2/20)


FOUND IN THE SIHLOAM SPRINGS AREA ON T HWY:  White, male, short hair CHIHUAHUA wearing a collar. Showed up Tuesday  417-372-7075 (2/20)

Brown & Black (possible Beagle?) Dog, Young, Orange Collar, Found in West Plains off ZZ. Call Denise 417-293-1890

Found on Stewart Street in West Plains. Male Golden Retriever(?) mix. Very friendly. Only has 3 legs. Call 255-5864 (2/14)

Small Black & White Dog with Collar and Blue Leash on HWY 63 towards Walmart. 417-372-2384 (2/10)




Lost: Female Black Lab and Large Male Yellow Lab no collar…lost on Jefferson St. in WP. Call 417-293-6785 or 274-4382. (4-14)

Lost: Female German Shepherd  Black and Tan with Red lost in the Willow Springs area. Call 252-0335

Lost:  Female Australian Shepherd, reddish-white, no collar.  Lost around WP Vet Clinic.  274-2822.  (4-11)

Lost: Yorkie, lost about two or 3 miles down 14 Highway. Brown and black, no collar. Goes by the name of Sampson. Reward offered. 417-818-6912.




Yellow & White Spotted Long Hair Cat Wearing a Black Collar, lost near Junction Hill School . Call 417-274-2780 (4-09)

Lost: Pitbull puppy, about 8 weeks old. Has on a brown collar. Lost in the Mtn. View area, Highway 17 south. Reward is offered for its return. Call 417-274-7762. (4/7)

THIS DOG HAS BEEN FOUND - Lost: Female Yorkie recently had puppies, lost near Creamery Rd. Call 417-274-1917. (4-7)

Lost: Male Yellow Lab mix 10-11 mos old, no collar. Lost near Arrowhead Lake Area. Call 417-256-5314. (4-7)

FOUND THROUGH THE OZARK RADIO NETWORK PET PATROL Lost: German/Rotwiler Black & Brown, no collar, Name: Rebel lost 8 miles off CC Hwy. Call 417-763-5519 (4-7)

Lost: 8mo old BorderCollie/Blue Healer mix – Face is 1-side black – 1-side blue, black body with blue spots, no collar. Lost on ZZ Hwy in WP. Call 417-505-9531. (4-3)

Lost: Two small pony geldings are missing from east of the Olden/Pomona area on CR 1750. One is solid white, the other is solid black. They are the same size, which is pretty small (around 36″ at most). Call 417-293-3434 or 417-293-7199. (4/2)

Large Brown male Newfoundland named ‘Bosco’, wearing collar.  Resembles a big brown bear.  Lost in the Dora area on 3-26.  417-712-1241.  (3-28)

Lost:  Female Black & White Boston Terrier, blind.  No collar.  Named “Sassy”, may answer to “Poo-bear”.  Lost on HWY 160 in the Caulfield area.  274-9040 (3-25)

THIS DOG HAS BEEN FOUND 4-Month-old Pomeranian mix dark brown in color. Name is Sadie Mae. Wearing a pink collar with a bell on it lost in the area of County Road 6380 down K Hwy close to Quail Run in West Plains Sunday. If seen, please contact me at 417-372-2459. (3/24)

LOST: Long Hair Dachshund named Daisey. wearing blue collar with rabies tags.  Lost Wednesday on the corner of Missouri Ave and Broadway in West Plains 417-256-2281  (3/20)

Lost male chocolate lab 4-5 yrs old wearing camo collar with orange cow tag.  Named ‘June Bug’.  Lost at CR 2150 at Pomona. Reward offered!  417-270-6633. (3-18)

Male Boxer – Tan, White & Black wearing a collar with all info, dog has been chipped. Lost in the Elk Creek area a REWARD is offered. Call 406-781-4086. (3-17)

Lost female husky/lab mix, right eye blue&brown named: ‘Suka” lost 1/8 mile CC.  She is cream-colored.  293-7009.(3-17)

German Shepherd golden & black, no collar or tags.  Lost off k hwy in the Pottersville area.  274-6073 (3-14)

Lost:  Male Beagle with white tip on tail and orange collar.  No tags,  lost 5 miles SW of West Plains on HWY 160.  255-5001.  (3-11)

Lost: Black lab female puppy, 6 months old. Went missing Sunday, March 9 around Hwy JJ and Co Rd 9260. Call 417-256-1809. (3/10)


Lost: Male Brown and black Mastiff mix puppy. His name is Rosco. Lost around the DD Hwy and 137 Hwy in Willow Springs,Mo. Please call 417-469-3493.(3-9)





Lost: Male Bluetick coonhound about 2 miles down south 17, West Plains. Missing collar. Please contact 417-293-2296. (3/7)


Lost: 8-month-old female Cocker Spaniel. Buff & Red in color. Disappeared on Feb. 14 from Davis Creek Area, County Road 6980 & 7070. She had lost her collar and answers to the name Penny. Contact 417-293-0807 or email Bhalford5@gmail.com (3/6)




Lost: 1 year old male Golden Lab wearing a black collar. He has a slight limp and was last seen on Tuesday 3-4-14 near Sunshine Village in Willow Springs. Please call 417-252-0868 if you have seen him. (3-5)

Lost – Female black long-haired mix named Sissy lost in the Willow Springs area around March 1. Please call 417-855-0946 if you have any information. (3/4)


Lost: Female 2.5 year old terrier mix. Went missing from CR 7480, West Plains. Answers to “Pea” or “Peepers. Reward offered. If found, call 417-543-6142 or email mstrafford2@aol.com. (2/28)




Lost: An elderly female gray Schnauzer by Glenwood School last seen Thursday night (2/27). She is almost completely blind, has no coller or tags and has been recently groomed. Please call 293-3740. (2/28)


Lost: Male, long hair tabby cat with a shaved spot on the hip where some surgery was performed. Been away for 3 days now. Lost in the Monks, Ferrell, Maple Sts in West Plains. 417-257-9362. (2/23)

A male beagle wearing a black collar and a female red healer have been lost around the Willow Winds Trailer Park in Willow Springs. They were last seen around 7 AM on Tuesday morning Feb 18. There will be a reward when they are safely returned.Please call 417-554-2552. (2/24)


Lost:  Female Tan & White Lab/Husky mix.  Named ‘Angel’.  Wearing 2 collars, on flea, one leather.  Lost on HWY 17 South near Lanton and Deerwood Estates.  274-3129.  (2-21)


Missing:  Male, Min-Pin, black & tan with a blue collar.   He belongs just of CC Hwy just out of West PLains.  372-0645 or 257-0955 (2/20)


Female Terrier Mix – no collar – Brindle color – Name: Pea lost on CR 7480 in WP. Call 417-543-6142 (2-19)


Female Tri-Color Red Beagle wearing a collar phone #disconnected please call 293-4900…lost 7 miles out CC Hwy REWARD OFFERED. (2-19)


Lost: Black Lab. Answers to “Bud”. Has rabies tag. Lost on Pine Grove Road, Willow Springs area. 417-469-2478. (2/18)


Missing:  Red Healer puppy and a Beagle puppy with a black collar.  Lost in the area of the trailer park on 76 out of Willow Springs  417-252-0789 (02/18)


Lost: Small black female dog with orange reflective collar from Hwy. BB and County Road 2070 area in West Plains. 417-257-4155 (2/17)


German Shepherd lost 2 weeks ago in Pottersville area.  Golden & Black, no tags or collar.  417-274-6073 (2-17)

Male long hair Chihuahua Black & Tan wearing a collar with tags lost near Dairy Queen on Hwy 63 WP this is a service dog please call 870-346-5796. (2-12)

Sable Pomeranian, Female, 13 Weeks Old, 3lbs, No Collar, Lost in South Fork/Moody Area 417-274-3649 (2/10)

1 Year old Male Yorkie, Silver & Tan Color, Wearing Grey Hoodie and Collar – No Tag with short blue leash. Lost at McFarland Dr. near Breckenridge Apartments. Lost since Feb 7. 417-274-9919 (2/10)