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Bad Weather Happens - Be Prepared

We all know that tornadoes are very likely in our area. Every year, during Spring and Autumn, tornadoes and severe storms become increasingly likely. So here are a few tips to help you be prepared.

  • Be Informed
    • Pay attention to weather forecasts.
    • Know where your local shelter is, and make sure all members of your household know.
    • Keep up to date on current safety measures and local procedures.
  • Make a Plan.
    • Plan for the weather threats that are most likely for your area.
    • Make sure all members of your household know what to do during severe weather.
    • Practice often.
  • Make a kit.
    • Make a "Severe Weather Emergency Kit" - This kit should include basic first aid supplies, food & water to last at least 3 days to one week, a weather radio & hand-crank or battery powered radio, spare batteries for all devices, and a signalling whistle.
  • For more tips about weather safety visit: